Banglalink SIM all Service Code Free

Call divert: To start call divert on Banglalink sim just dial: *21*TargetNumber#
Entertainment News: To Deactivate, please Dial *6397*2*2*2#.
Account Balance: To check your Banglalink SIM main account balance dial *124#.
International News: To deactivate International News, Dial *6397*6*7*1*2#.
Call divert: To stop call divert on Banglalink sim need to dial: #21#
Banglalink Call Block: To Block Banglalink Call, Send to SMS 8181 and writing “Stop”.
Offer Talk Time: To know available banglalink bonus minute talk time dial *124*2#. 

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Banglalink SIM all Service Code Free

Internet Balance: To check internet balance dial *5000*500#.
Technology News: To Off Technology News  Dial *6397*3*1*2#.
HiBuddy SMS Chat: To deactivate HiBuddy SMS Chat, Dial *2077*2#.
Sportszone Cricket Update: To Stop Cricket Updates, please dial *2002*1*2#.
Call me back:  To request call me back just dial: *126*TargetNumber#

Love & Fun Portal: To deactivate Love and Fun Portal news send SMS to 4636 and writing “Stop Fun”.
Local Radio Off Code: To deactivate local Radio send an SMS to 2001 and writing “Stop”
Banglalink Missed Call Alert: If you want to deactivate BL Missed Call Alert, Just send it to SMS 622 and Just writing “Stop”.
Hajj Portal: If you want to Stop Hajj Portal then send an SMS 2200 and writing “Stop”.
Priyo Tune: To Stop Priyo Tune from Banglalink send an SMS “Stop” to 4000.
Amar Tune: If you want to unsubscribe AmarTune from Banglalink to send an SMS 2222 and writing “Stop” Or just Dial *6397*2*2*2#. 

Music Station: To Stop the Music Station process to send an SMS 5858 and writing “Stop”.
Sportszone Football Update: To Off Sportszone Football Updates, please dial *2002*2*2#.
BL Store: For deactivate Banglalink Store Just, Dial *7076*118*2#
Remaining SMS Offers: If you want to check the remaining SMS offers dial *124*3#.
Internet Bonus Offers: To know Banglalink available bonus Internet Offers dial *124*5#

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